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    Meet Kyndra Turner

    A girls most prized attribute is her hair---and there’s one woman who knows how to present that award. Kyndra Turner, who has embraced the art of hair and beauty design, has taken that role of giving people of all backgrounds a look that defines the art of self. Born February 14, 1973, the child passionately found herself in love with hair. Growing up in various parts of the DMV (DC, Maryland and Virginia) area, Turner started with music roots, literally. Taking a liking to shows such as Soul Train and American Bandstand, the young style enthusiast watched these musical presentations for the people that exuded confidence and trendsetting with their weekly hairstyles and outfits that many across the nation began to emulate. Once the styles of B-boy culture in the 80s and early 90s began to take a stronghold on the images of young adults across the country, Turner knew that this would be something that she wanted to be apart of in her years as an adult.

    Setting her sights on hair-styling, the young Turner found herself working in salons, taking the dream of doing hair to a real location and doing everything ranging from braids to comb twists. After realizing that she could be more than just an ‘around the way hair-dresser,’ the pursuit for developing her art became more avid. Turner soon left the United States for the United Kingdom which offered her a level up in not only mastery of hair design but international communications. Turner studied her trade at Graham-Webb International Academy of Hair under the instruction of Gerard Keirns who pushed her to not only create the design, but be the design. Soon after, the stylist took on an interest in marketing her finished products to the greater public through avenues of photography and teaching.

    With much on her shoulders to continue as a hair and beauty stylist, the confident Turner shows her clients that she knows how to make them look their best. Planning to display her creativity throughout all avenues, the driven and humorous master of hair looks to continue with her photography and write beauty editorials while freelancing as a supreme stylist full-time while touring with her artists. Match that with full-time motherhood and the people have a Pulitzer Prize of a woman.




    Meet Kyndra
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